Jacob Lange

Senior Associate


Jacob Lange brings a decade of design and project management experience in a variety of landscape types—from parks and public open space, to multi-family residential amenity spaces, to mixed-use waterfront developments. Recent efforts include managing the master plan and reconstruction of St. Mary’s Park in the Bronx, a 32-acre historic park at the heart of the vibrant but economically-disadvantaged Mott Haven neighborhood. Through community workshops and targeted stakeholder outreach, a new vision was formulated to position St. Mary’s as a catalyst for community health and a symbol of neighborhood pride. Jacob’s belief in the healing power of landscape was also employed at a joint affordable housing development /outpatient health facility at St. Barnabas Hospital in the Bronx. The project’s “health plaza” connects the community to this anchor institution, promoting healthy living through access to nature, opportunities for exercise, and places for meaningful social interaction.

In 2018, Jacob relocated to Atlanta, GA to open Starr Whitehouse’s first branch office. In Atlanta, he has led the design of innovative multi-family housing amenity spaces and consulted on grass-roots community park initiatives. He has worked with the community of Westview to re-envision a small traffic triangle as a community park and memorial, and is an advisor to the Candler Park Conservancy as they implement an ambitious long-term vision plan. Jacob remains active on projects in New York, where he is leading landscape design on the reconstruction of the FDR Drive Promenade at Carl Schurz Park on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, as well as the master plan and implementation of Greenpoint Terminal Market, a large-scale mixed-use waterfront development on the Brooklyn shore featuring five acres of publicly accessible open space.

Combining his knowledge of site design and landscape construction with a broad understanding of urban and landscape theory, Jacob moves across project type and scale with skill and confidence. He believes the unique context of each site should inform design decisions, and that the most productive landscapes exude a distinct sense of place while lending cohesion to the urban fabric. He strives for authenticity and simplicity in both legibility of form and means of construction, ensuring that what is designed can also be built.

Representative Projects

  • St. Mary’s Park Master Plan and Reconstruction, Bronx, NY
  • FDR Drive Esplanade Reconstruction, New York, NY
  • Brooklyn Bridge Esplanade, New York, NY
  • Atlantic Chestnut Affordable Housing, Brooklyn, NY
  • Lexington Gardens Affordable Housing, New York, NY
  • Greenpoint Terminal Market Master Plan, Brooklyn, NY
  • Greenpoint Terminal Hotel, Brooklyn, NY
  • NYPD 40th Precinct Station House, Bronx, NY
  • St. Barnabas Hospital Annex, Bronx, NY
  • West 58th Street Development, New York, NY
  • Duane Street Co-op Amenity Terrace, New York, NY
  • East 149th Street Development, Bronx, NY
  • EF Academy, Thornwood, NY