Rana Boland



Rana is a licensed Landscape Architect with international experience on project types as diverse as residential courtyards, academic campuses, public streetscapes and plazas, master plans, city parks, brownstone backyards, and green roofs. With six years of experience in public and private space design, Rana is interested in the relationships people have with the landscape—how they inhabit it and how they shape it by their use over time. In turn, she believes these spaces perform an important role in the vibrancy of our cities and communities, reflecting while also shaping the daily rhythms of the places we inhabit. Rana finds inspiration in the challenges of designing with ever-changing and dynamic systems—both ecological and social—and believes successful designs build on the richness and interconnectedness of the natural, cultural and built systems in which they are situated. She has a strong interest in plant material both for its aesthetic value and for how it shapes our cultural values and connectedness to places. With expertise in a wide range of project typologies and all stages from concept to implementation, Rana is a flexible designer and a valuable member of the Starr Whitehouse team.

Representative Projects

  • Freshkills South Park, Staten Island, NY
  • Halletts Point Waterfront Development, Queens, NY
  • Bronx Community College Quadrangle, Bronx, NY*
  • Qinglong Lake Master Plan, Nanjing, China*
  • Pudong Streetscape and Site Design, Shanghai, China*
  • Great Pier of the Great Lakes, Chicago, IL*
  • Greenpoint Garden, Brooklyn, NY*
  • “Walking the Lines” Path Design Project, Slavonice, Czech Republic*

* Work completed prior to joining Starr Whitehouse